General Notes: All Beef is sourced from Scotland and hung for 3 weeks for an improved flavour and added maturity.
Top Tips for a Perfect Steak

  • Take the meat out of the fridge at least 1 hour before cooking. If you can get the steak to room temperature before cooking, the fibres are not as “shocked” when put into a hot frying pan to cook, thus improving the tenderness of your steak.
  • Fat is good, keep it on the steak, do not be tempted to trim it off prior to cooking, a lot of the fat will melt when cooked and remember this is a large part of the flavour.
  • Don’t overcook it!! Try and eat your steak with a little pink in the middle at least. If it is well done it is too done and you will cook out a lot of the flavour.
  • Make sure the pan or barbecue is really hot before you start to cook.
  • Let the meat rest for a couple of minutes after cooking.
  • Try using groundnut oil or rapeseed oil when cooking your steak as these have a higher burning point than olive oil.
  • Keep it simple, don’t be tempted to overdo the flavours, steak has a wonderful flavour of its own you don’t want to lose that.

Rump Steak: Matured for 21 days, this is our favourite steak (it’s also the cheapest). With a wonderful flavour and supremely tender. The Rump can be cut thick for steak and chips or thin for minute steaks and steak sandwiches. It can also be cut into thin strips and used for stir fry. Excellent value for money.

Sirloin Steak: Flavoursome and tender the Sirloin provides perfect eating quality every time.

Fillet Steak: The Rolls Royce of Steaks, perfect for those special occasions, with no fat covering at all this is the most tender steak money can buy.

Rib Eye: As it’s name suggests from the eye of the Rib, This matured steak is quickly becoming one of our best sellers, with it’s marbling and “dollop” of fat in the centre which melts in the cooking and gives you a perfect steak every time – great for barbecues.

T-Bone: For the healthy appetite, we offer aged T-Bone from the Loin. Cut to your preferred size. The bone also gives an added dimension to the flavour.

Roasting Beef Joints

Brisket: The ultimate value beef cut, slow roast this joint with all of your root vegetables for a delicious “winter” roast.

Topside: Tender and succulent, the Topside joint can be quickly roasted and served rare or medium. This joint is excellent value for money and any leftovers are great for sandwiches or salads.

Rolled Sirloin: Sirloin Steak rolled and ready to roast, with a generous covering of fat for a fuller flavour this joint is easy to carve and incredibly tender. The perfect roast for special occasions.

Rolled Rib: Like the Sirloin the Rib has a generous covering of fat for flavour and melts in the mouth when cooked. An easy carving alternative to Rib on the bone.

Rib of Beef: The ultimate special occasion roasting joint, the Rib is aged for three weeks and when cooked on the bone gives a greater depth of flavour. An impressive cut when carving in front of your dinner guests.