Blacksticks Blue: A delicious, creamy and smooth, yet tangy flavour with buttery rounded notes and a tanginess, this cheese has a soft creamy texture that melts in the mouth. British Cheese
Brie Du Pays: French farmhouse cheese with a full flavour and rich curd. Our best seller. French Cheese
Cambozola: A famous blue brie from Germany. Very Creamy and mild. German Cheese
Camembert Grand Rustique: A good flavoured raw milk cheese from Normandy. French Cheese
Quickes Traditional Mature Cheddar: An excellent strong cheddar, matured for a year for a fuller flavour. Very popular. British Cheese
Cornish Yarg: Hand made in Truro, a light texture with a good bite. British Cheese
Cotswold: A tangy double Gloucester with chives & onion. British Cheese
Emmental: A nutty flavoured mild cheese made from cows milk. Matured for 6 months. Dutch Cheese
Norbury Blue: Deliciously creamy and locally made! Norbury Blue is the only blue cheese made in Surrey. British Cheese
Greek Feta: A genuine greek cheese made from sheep & goats milk. Greek Cheese
Gruyere: A rich, creamy and smooth cheese. Perfect for fondue Dutch Cheese
Jarlsberg: A low fat cheese with a sweet and nutty flavour. Norwegian Cheese
Oxford Blue: A lovely blue cheese with a soft and creamy curd. British Cheese
Parmiggiano Reggiano: A true, genuine Parmesan. Matured for 2 years, this product is often imitated, but never matched. Italian Cheese
Port Salut: A mild, creamy subtle cows milk cheese, derives it’s name from a French Monastery at Entrammes. French Cheese
Prima Donna: An aged 1 year matured Gouda with Parmesan pieces, a very popular recent addition to our range. Dutch Cheese
Roquefort: A strong blue cheese made with sheeps milk. French Cheese
St.Agur: A creamy blue cheese from the Auvergne, superb. French Cheese
Stilton: Hand made blue cheese by Colston Bassett. Gold Taste award winner. The best Blue Stilton I have tasted. British Cheese
Vignotte: A very rich cream cheese with a light texture. Unbelievably tasty. French Cheese
Wensleydale & Cranberry: Traditional Wensleydale with juicy cranberries. Looks great for colour on the cheese board. British Cheese
White Stilton & Apricot: Flavoursome white stilton crammed with apricots. A very popular cheese. British Cheese