All of our Chickens at Morgans are Free Range and their welfare is one of the most important factors when deciding  which farms to work in partnership with. It is essential for the eating quality that the birds have had a healthy, happy life and a stress free slaughter. We source our chickens from a wide variety of farms around the country, two of which are in Gloucestershire, one in Norfolk and our free range boneless supremes are supplied from two farms in the Lake District.

Whole Chickens: We can offer chickens within a size range of 3 – 6lbs for roasting. We can also Spatchcock or de-bone Chickens for barbecues.
See ‘how to spatchcock a chicken’ video here.

Chicken Supremes: Our Supremes are one of our best sellers as they are full of flavour and incredibly versatile. They are perfect oven baked, diced for curries and stews and marinaded for a different flavour.
See ‘how to remove chicken breasts’ video here.

Stuffed Chicken Supremes: We also stuff our Chicken Supremes and wrap them in Bacon for an easy to cook alternative meal. These are available with a Stilton, Garlic Cheese or Orange and Cranberry stuffing.

Chicken Thighs: An increasingly popular choice for our customers, the thighmeat has been popularised by many Celebrity Chefs on TV. The thighs can be supplied with skin on and a single bone (oyster cut) for ease of cooking, we can also de-bone and remove the skin if required. The Thigh gives a fuller flavour when cooking and is perfect for slow cooking in stews and for curries and Paella etc.

Chicken Drumsticks: Easy and quick to cook, brilliant for picnics and buffets. Excellent marinated and barbecued.

See ‘how to joint a chicken’ video here.

All of our Chickens at Morgans are Free Range