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Lamb Cuts

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To discover the different type of lamb cuts just roll over the different zones below.

  • CUTS


    A stronger flavoured, higher fat content cut, excellent for roasting, even better slow roasted, the meat falls away from the bone. A Morgan’s favourite!

  2. SHANK

    Essential winter comfort food, another Morgan’s favourite. Slow roast or casserole and the meat will fall off the bone. Marinade in Mint or Rosemary and Garlic to give that gravy a delicious twist.

  3. LEG

    Perfect for roasting. Serve pink with roasties and mint sauce. The ultimate roast. Butterflied the leg becomes a brilliant barbecue centrepiece, easy to cook and carve, with spectacular flavours.


    (LAMB CUTLETS) (RACK OF LAMB) Grilled Lamb cutlets with new potatoes and summer veg. Cook as a rack French trimmed for an easy but stunning dinner party meal.

  5. LOIN

    The perfect chop! The T-Bone of the Lamb is delightful as a simple midweek meal with creamy mash and veg. Grill, fry or oven bake ‘til pink and serve - simple!


    Bone in it’s a Chump, bone out it’s Rump. Wonderfully tender either way, with a good layer of fat this cut provides beautiful flavour. Add rosemary and garlic to take those flavours to another level.