In our Delicatessen we offer a large range of cooked meats, all of which are cooked on the premises.

At Morgan’s we can slice all of our cooked meats to the quantity and thickness you require. We can also make up platters to your specifications for your special occasion.

Ham: Cured from free range UK Pork we slow cook our Hams through the night. This gives a fantastic flavour because the meat cooks in its own natural fat and juices. We add nothing and take nothing away. It’s simple and effective.

Smoked Ham: Cooked in exactly the same way as our Ham, the Smoked alternative has a stronger flavour,

Roast Beef: Cooked from a Scotch Topside joint, our rare roast Beef is both flavoursome and tender.

Cooked Turkey: Boneless Turkey Breast cooked to perfection to ensure you have a moist, tender meat with delicate flavour.

We also provide other carefully selected meats, not cooked on the premises:

Corned Beef
Milano Salami
Ox Tongue