We make a large number of our products on the premises where possible, including:

Beef Wellingtons: Hand made on the premises with puff pastry wrapped around our best Scotch Fillet Steak with a piece of pate on top. They look fabulous and taste great too.

Burgers: Our Beef Burgers are one of our most popular products throughout the year. Made using lean Scotch Steak Mince and a simple seasoning mix of salt, pepper and onion. Each Burger is individually weighed and pressed by us.

Faggots: A special winter treat, our hand made faggots are made and cooked in store.

Lamb Grills: Using lean Minced Lamb and a Mint seasoning, each grill is weighed and pressed by hand.

Lamb “Kofta Style” Kebabs: Lean Minced Lamb, and a Kofta seasoning combined. Each Kebab is weighed and rolled and then put onto sticks and marinated in Mint.

Sausages: All of our sausages are individually hand made at our shop in Farnham to recipes which have been used by the Morgan family for over 30 years. See our Sausage subsection for further details of flavours and specifications.

Scotch Eggs: We hard boil the Eggs, use our own Sausage Meat and cook these every couple of days so they are freshly made for the perfect snack for you.

Smoked Mackerel Paté: We use naturally smoked Mackerel fillets and double cream for this lovely home made pate.

Smoked Salmon Paté: My favourite recipe, made using best Scotch Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese, the ingredients are blended into a mousse, perfect for a quick snack treat or as a starter for your dinner party. It’s so good you’ll tell them you made it yourself!