Our Scotch Free Range Pork provides you with a perfect joint whatever the time of the year. It is exceptional value for money too. Our outdoor reared Pigs have a covering of fat (although not excessive) which is essential for a full flavour and perfect crackling.

Leg Of Pork: Available de-boned and rolled our Leg of Pork is wonderfully tender and full of flavour. The fat cover around the outside edge gives you perfect crackling every time. Any leftovers are excellent with Chutney for a meaty sandwich on Sunday night.
See ‘how to de-bone and roll a leg of pork’ video here.

Spare Rib Pork: The rolled and boneless shoulder has a little more fat within the meat which melts down during the cooking to give a succulent and sweeter flavour. Any left overs are superb for dicing and creating a quick curry during the week.

Loin of Pork: A Beautiful joint cooked on the bone thus giving a fuller flavour. This traditional cut looks fantastic when cooked and ready to carve in front of guests. Ask us to score & chine for an easy to carve joint.
See ‘how to Score & chine’ video here.

Hand of Pork: Served on the bone this is an incredibly cheap cut with oodles of flavour and a gelatinous texture. Slow roast this joint for the ultimate value cut.

Belly Pork: This under appreciated cut when slow roasted has a flavour like no other Pork Joint. Like the Hand of Pork it is a very reasonably priced cut.

Pork Chops: Brilliant value for a weekday meal, Pork Chops can be supplied with or without Kidney, whether grilled or ovenbaked they are perfect served with creamy mashed potato and green beans.