All of our lamb is free range, and hung for a minimum of two weeks to enrich flavour and promote tenderness

Leg of Lamb
This rich roasting meat has a superb flavour and can be served “medium pink” or “well done”. We can also provide lamb legs boned and rolled for ease of carving or butterflied for the barbecue. See ‘How to butterfly lamb leg’ video here.

Shoulder of Lamb
A superb cut with slightly more fat within, this gives a fuller sweeter flavour when roasted. The perfect cut for slow roasting.

All chops can be oven baked, grilled or fried depending upon your preference. A simple and effective meal which can also be elaborated upon for special occasion meals, these are some of the chops we have available…

From the top of the leg, a good sized chop which has a higher level of fat for a full flavour

Really tender and fully flavoured, these are our best sellers. Cut thick and oven bake and served pink these are a treat.

A double loin chop, really filling.

The perfect barbecue chop, cut thin and cook very quickly in a hot frying pan or on the barbecue.

Leg Steak:
The biggest portion size on offer, a generous steak of lamb cut from the leg, also supplied in Mint.

Other great cuts available

Lamb Shanks:
The ultimate slow roast treat. Perfect for cold winter evenings.

See ‘how to French trim a rack of lamb’ video here.