We make all of our Sausages on the premises individually by hand. All the Pork used is sourced from Free Range Pigs in Scotland. We use a natural gut casing and the best cuts of Pork (Shoulder and Belly) to make our range of sausages.
Traditional Pork: The original and the best, these Sausages have been made using the same tried and tested recipe for over 30 years.

Pork & Leek: In the 1980’s new sausage recipes became popular with butchers and the public. Pork and Leek was one of the first to be introduced and has stood the test of time as it is still one of our most popular today.

Lincolnshire Style: A traditional mix sausage with added mixed herbs and sage. Perfect for those wanting a herby alternative.

Cumberland Style: A gluten free Sausage with Nutmeg and White Pepper added for additional spice. A very meaty Sausage, with an entirely different texture due to the absence of breadcrumbs.

Traditional Pork Chipolatas: The children’s favourite, perfect for a quick meal or for buffets and picnics. We can also make these in half size Cocktail Sausages.

Beef, Honey & Mustard: Lean Minced Beef with Honey & Mustard added providing a wonderful alternative to Pork Sausages.

These are on offer throughout the year, we also make many other flavours specially to order and offer them on occasions depending upon the time of the year these flavours include:

Black Pudding
Duck & Hoi Sin Sauce
Hickory Smoked
Wild Boar & Apple